A typical Caribbean day.

Today was quite the rewarding day. The workday was filled with meetings, new projects, and a new job position. My supervisor took me around and introduced me to 10-15 people that will be my life line at this job. I hope I know what I’m getting myself into. More meetings and trainings tomorrow. At least tomorrow is Friday! : )

I woke up today to 4-5 distinct roosters crowing away. I was oblivious to this before I left the island since my eardrums were used to the senseless agony that is their twilight choir. The house across the road from us owns them with a sad looking goat and some hens. Those roosters are relentless!  >: (

Oh yeah, I got my first mosquito bite today at the office. : (  I was feeling spontaneous today and wore a breezy light dress. Within 30 minutes, I caught myself compulsively scratching away at the dermis of my knees. And what do you know? 2 mosquito bites. That’s what I get for attempting to be more feminine. I drove home and changed into my usual attire of a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. I’m lucky that we only live 5 minutes from work.

After work, I dropped by the market real quick for some apples, bananas, rice, arugula, and my veggie meats. The food disappears so fast since it’s usually all fresh produce. I can’t even double the amount of food since it’ll go rancid within days. Oh well. I will live. Happy annoyances. : P

The same lunch as yesterday. Packed this up and ate it at work since I was needed at my desk!
Rolled oats, bananas, strawberry jam, and organic no-stir peanut butter. PB&J are my favorites so I’m not complaining.


Isn’t this adorable? My friend gave this to me for my Christmas present last year. Her friend’s son is autistic and he found out that his son was able to express his feelings with drawings. She had him make this for me. It sits on our kitchen table. The sweetest gift! : )
Post-workout snack: baby carrots & Fiber One shredded wheat cereal with almond milk. I prefer Kashi’s Autumn wheat.
My dinner of arugula, baby tomatoes, corn, raw onions, and Morningstar’s spicy black bean patty slathered with organic refried black beans. Delicious!


Paul’s dinner: Chicken and bacon veggie pasta. Paul prepared and cooked the chicken whilst I chopped, boiled, and prepped the veggies and pasta. One of our favorites that shows up on our dinner menu at least once a week.
This is a no-sauce pasta. I prefer to taste all the different ingredients in the dish. I think a heavy sauce ruins it.

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