Thoughts on my engagement.

Paul proposed on February 10, 2012 around 4PM.
We had both just awoken from a 2-hour nap. He decided that the time was now. Impeccably dressed in his wife beater and boxers, he retrieved the ring and got down on one knee. Amidst this, I was just waking up and probably picking away at some eye boogers. You can understand my surprise when he proposed to me in this fashion. : P  Not the most romantic of all proposals but intimate and memorable all the same. Hand in hand, we ventured out into the world as a betrothed couple and had dinner. At Subway. : P

I didn’t mind because this is who we are as a couple. We are very laid-back with simple tastes. I have never been one of those girls who bought themselves designer brands or demanding of a grandeur lifestyle that I couldn’t afford or deserve. However, Paul knows flowers are a must at every Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. : )

Now that more than 3 months have passed, it finally dawned on me that I’m getting married to this man. I am not a moron, I assure you. After all the hype wore off, I started analyzing his quirks, mannerisms, and wondered if I can actually live with this man for the rest of my life.  Marni Kinry’s: How I Felt When I Got Engaged post this morning explained my trepidations to a tee.

I do love this man and I do want to get married to him. I think I just have the wedding jitters.

My life is going to change. My life is changing monumentally as I speak. My current chapter is coming to a close and I’m dealing with a mixture of nostalgia/loss of my old self-dependence.  A new chapter will start soon and I hope my nerves will steady by then!

Less than 5 months to go! : )


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