Finding my island groove… again.

I slept for almost 7 hours yesterday! I, of course still woke up 4-5 times for no reason but STILL. I am content with this for now. Hopefully, this upward trend of sleep continues for the rest of the week. : )

Today was yet another glorious but humid day in the Caribbean. No storm clouds in sight; the lack of rain keeps those pesky mosquitoes away from me. They seem to love my left leg more than my right. Weird. O.o

But anywho, I got to work @ 7AM and had a granny smith apple with my leftover Tazo peach tea. So yummy. Although, I’m sad that I already finished my apples. The only fruit I have left are 2 bananas. I might just have to drop by the market again tomorrow. Fruit is a must!

For lunch, I went home and whipped up some hearty oatmeal. I was inspired by KathEats and her yummy oatmeal concoctions. I was getting sick of salads. : P

Old fashioned oatmeal with strawberry jam, peanut butter, bananas, and cookie butter stirred in. Next time, I should just stick to either peanut butter or cookie butter. After I blended them in, I couldn’t really taste either flavors.


Paul cooked up his usual breakfast/lunch: 5 egg white omelet drenched in Tabasco, 3 pcs of turkey bacon, sauteed veggies, and toast.
He says he was still hungry. So I slathered another piece of toast with peanut butter and jam.
My post-workout snack: baby carrots and a large banana. Also had some Fiber One’s frosted shredded wheat cereal. I am addicted to shredded wheat cereals!!!
Created a gamer snack for Paul: Stacy’s Naked pita chips embedded in pine nut hummus. He was playing Diablo 3 and I didn’t want the hummus to get on his fingers. Aren’t I just the best? : P
And for dinner, I made some simple quesadillas. The prep work that went into this salsa took longer than the quesadillas themselves!
These refried beans are so good! They have a real good kick of spice in them.


This is definitely showing up at least once a week. Paul and I loved it. Hit the spot!
Starting on Season 5 of The Wire!


4 thoughts on “Finding my island groove… again.”

    1. Hi! You’re the first blogger to ask. : )
      I live in Curacao. It’s typically known as the ABC’s (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) of the Caribbean. Since I finally got my work visa, I can’t wait to travel! We’re only 50 miles away from the tip of Venezuela! : )


  1. It is definitely hard to get back into your groove somewhere after being somewhere else for so long.
    I was wondering, was it tough for you to find a job in the Caribbean? That’s a huge move for you to make…and you are such a loyal fiance. It probably is a lot better than doing long distance though — my BF started grad school in Hawaii last Fall and it’s been so hard for me with him away 😦
    Have a nice week!


    1. It is definitely hard. My body is still going through a transition period. It’s getting better though. : )
      My fiance got me a job at his company so I didn’t have to look very hard. And yes, the move was quite the life achievement. It was liberating yet utterly frightening.
      Awww. LDR’s are tough but it can you make you guys stronger as a couple. My fiance and I were initially in a 9-month long distance relationship. A lot of skyping and phone cards! Good luck and have a great week too! : )


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