Departing anxiety

The thought of leaving home is gut-wrenching. I’m getting anxious again. This happens every time I head back. After my parents drop me off at the airport, I watch them drive off and I cry for a good 10 minutes. When I land back on my little island, I start tearing up again as I unpack. My mom always packs my suitcase and it’s heart-breaking every time I see how she’s perfectly fit everything into it’s proper place. It is possible to miss someone even though they are right in front of you. I’m still that little girl who always longs for her mama<3


2 thoughts on “Departing anxiety”

  1. I can appreciate this feeling so much. It’s so hard. I’ve been there and my sister is about to embark on her first journey away from home – she is headed to the States from New Zealand and she is feeling just like this. I don’t know much about your circumstances but someone once said to me that following your dreams comes with sacrifice, but that’s what makes getting there all the more rewarding. Best of luck!


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