I got my work permit!

I received news today that my papers finally came through! I’ll be heading back to the Caribbean some time next week. It’s bittersweet. I want to see my fiance yet I don’t want to leave my family. Until June 2013, I will have to call my little island my home. My mom says I’m complaining about the most redundant of things. Most people will LOVE to work abroad in a Caribbean island and enjoy 24/7 leisure and sunny beaches. I do but it’s not the same when you long for home. Home is truly where the heart lies.

Skin update: My skin is improving day by day. I still have random eczema hives here and there but besides that, my inflammation and those pesky red bumps are gone. I am sooooooo happy with the results. My advice to those who have bad skin: Please please please go to a dermatologist. Do NOT spend a lot of money on expensive department store creams and lotions. I learned that the hard way.

My dinner last night: Bibim Bap (비빔밥) with a fried egg, seaweed soup (미역국), and spicy Korean radishes (총각 김치).


Breakfast+lunch @ 10:30 this morning: Trader Joe’s mozzarella salad with baby tomatoes, olives, and pine nuts with balsamic vinagrette.


This cookie butter is going to be the death of me! I can’t stop eating it! Cookie butter slathered on a piece of whole wheat flaxseed bread. Yummy!
Afternoon snack of Korean acorn (묵). Spicy! It bounces around like jello but there’s absolutely no gelatin. The acorn paste naturally gives this dish it’s bounce.
Lil’ Minnie. So cute but such a little rascal!

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