I’m 27 but I feel 20.

Why is that? I feel as though I was 20 just yesterday. How the human mind tricks us so. We wake up and go about our day without ever truly thinking about our own mortality. We see our parents steadily growing older and the seasons flashing by whilst never really realizing that we’re getting older too. After I took an eye-opening class in college, I attempt to put more meaning into my life by relishing in the moment. No matter how big or small, great or horrendous; I try to learn from every experience and grow from each curveball that life throws my way.

This exceptional religious studies class was called Death.

Investigates the psychological aspects of facing death and dealing with dying persons; cross-cultural religious and philosophical interpretations of death (as new life, resurrection, rebirth, etc.); and medical, ethical, and legal issues such as physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.

During the whole 4 years, this class was only given once and I am grateful to have taken it. This completely blew my mind. I never knew of such topics. I never thought of my parents as actual people. They are just my mom and my dad. But before being my parents, they are a woman and a man. My mom was young just as I was. She had dreams, aspirations, disappointments, successes, and failures just as I have. It’s just that… before this class, I never connected the dots. I don’t know why but it makes me tear up just thinking this way. Perhaps that’s why we, as people never try to think of our own mortality. Because it’s scary. Because it’s the unknown. We wake everyday and go about our day knowing that in the back of our minds that we will all eventually die. Is it a morbid thought? I don’t think so. But many don’t wish to speak of such inappropriate issues.

Our one and only reading material for this class was Mitch Albom’s Tuesday’s with Morrie. This class and this book changed my life forever. I really recommend anyone to read this book.

I hope you guys weren’t too weirded out with this heavy subject. I’m naturally a very intense person. I’m also very emotional and can tear up easily. You can say that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I can’t hide it even if I tried. One of the many reason my fiance loves me. He says I’m transparent and easy to read. Damn. : P

But on to lighter things! Photos! Enjoy. : )

Hello Minnie girl! She’s hiding under my bed. She likes doing that since no one else can get in there. She barks like mad at no one in particular. I think I may have a friendly ghost in my room. : )
My free birthday gift from Sephora!
I love them both! I’m not a fan of lipstick or lip gloss. Besides the fact that most of them are sticky, I feel as though I look like a painted baboon. I stick with tinted lip balms and chapsticks.
Jack Black Core Collection that I ordered for Paul’s birthday gift.
Trader Joe’s grocery haul. I think I prefer Trader Joe’s over Whole Foods. Smaller and more efficient when it comes to selections.
Lynn mentioned this on her site and I HAD to have it. IT IS AMAZING! I want to stuff my face with it all day. I actually can’t remember how many spoonfuls I’ve had so far…..  Click on the photo to jump to her site. : )  And I just grabbed this 99 cent bar from the cashier. It’s good but extremely decadent.
Trader Joe’s Arugula & Caprese salad with sweet baby tomatoes. I sprinkled in some spicy egg whites and a dash of the basil vinagrette. This was delicious.


My grocery haul was right on the money today! This Indian spinach cheese curry tasted just as good as the one I had in an authentic Indian restaurant. For lunch, I just punctured the frozen tray a few times with a fork and let the microwave do its’ job.
Plopped some down on a bed of white rice. I guess it’s an Asian thing but we ALWAYS have rice on standby. : P
Decided to start taking vitamins. I’ve been feeling fatigued for way too long! I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for the past 4 months. Perhaps it’s the lack of meat/protein? : /


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