Hump hump hump!

Inspired by B2K’s ‘Bump Bump Bump” from awhile back. Yeah. I’m irritatingly corny most of the time. : P

I’m still waiting for my work visa to come through. I don’t know if I mentioned this already but I had to come back home because my 90 days were up in the Caribbean. If they realized I was still there, they would have deported me back home with no way of returning for awhile. The company provided me with a laptop to so I have been steadily working from home. Not a bad trade since I can wear, eat, and get up whenever I want. However, I have been away from my fiance for 5 weeks and I’m starting to miss him terribly. : (

It is HOT today. Just went out for a quick walk around our complex with Mickey. Yay for sunny weather! : )

Look at him go!
I’m too cool for school. I never pay heed to these rules.
We live in a gated community and the HOA is the highest I’ve ever seen. But we do see our money going to the right places. The place is always maintained and spotless. One of the major reasons my mom fell in love with this complex.



I was craving eggs for some reason so I quickly fried up 1 whole egg and another egg white. Salt & freshly cracked pepper to taste. White rice on the bottom and spurts of some ketchup on top.
Still hungry so I had a Boca patty with melted provolene cheese & marinara sauce. So good!
Finished the last piece of my birthday cake! : )

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