I’m 27!

Today is my birthday. Feels like any other day. : P

How am I going to celebrate? Work, go to the DMV on my birthday of all days, and enjoy a family birthday dinner. Why am I going to the DMV? Well, when I went out with my girlfriends last Friday, someone decided to steal my purse! Most horrible night. My driver’s license, debit card, phone, and keys – all gone. : (  I had to sleep over my girlfriend’s house since I didn’t have my keys. I definitely learned my lesson. My mom and my fiance just shook their heads. Every possible trouble I can find, I will without a doubt, find it. : (  I just stayed put for the rest of the weekend.

Oh well. The world doesn’t stop for anyone. Must keep truckin’ on. Have a great week! : )

One of the 2 appetizers we ordered at the bar on Friday. Rolled eggs (계란 마리) is a rough translation. : P
Shrimp stir fry on white rice. I love watercress! Love the snap.


Got there too late. My brother already ate 1/3 of it. : (
Japanese style hamburger steak with sauteed onions & mushrooms with a steamed egg on top. It smelled divine.


Mickey is always so shy. He usually averts his eyes. Cutie.


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