Happy Friday! : )*

Good morning! It was looking quite sunny and cheerful for half an hour and then alas, a gloomy overcast blanketed the skies. What a bummer. I got an average 7 hours of sleep and I must say that I’m not as tired as usual. I was oversleeping by 2-2.5 hours every night. Will try to shoot for 7-7.5. I don’t remember the last time I went to sleep and stayed asleep. I periodically wake up 2-3 times a night for no reason. There are also nights that I wake up more than 8-10 times. I wish for undisturbed sleep!

It’s my birthday next Monday so my girlfriends and I are hitting the town tonight. The police will obviously be out and about tomorrow since it’s Cinco de Mayo so we decided to play tonight. : )  We’ll be grubbing on yummy Korean bar food, our beloved soju, and since I haven’t stepped into a club in almost 2 years – dancing away @ a Korean nightclub, Vibe. It used to originally be a fancy shmancy Korean restaurant 15-20 years ago. But as the years passed, it turned into a Korean nightclub – it was first called Le Prive, Le Cercle, and now Vibe. I don’t think many of you know what a Korean club entails so I will give you an extensive summary. Here goes.

With the Korean clubs that I have been to in Koreatown, you usually need to have the number to a waiter at that club. Whereas you normally stand in Hollywood clubs, you usually have to get a table for Korean clubs. Without calling your waiter and reserving a table beforehand, it’s usually difficult to enter. Korean night clubs are known for “booking.” This is when the waiter picks out girls from the club and escorts her/them to a male patron(s). Either the male patron picks out a girl from the crowd and asks his waiter to bring her over or he asks his waiter to bring over pretty girls. I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like a rudimentary & degrading escort service. And the way a Korean club is setup, all the girl tables (promo tables – cheaper tables if you come with all girls. Free 1/2 bottle of alcohol and fruit tray) are in the middle like prey and the predators (men tables – more expensive for men) are scattered around the outside. It’s like a meat market. There are also more expensive rooms where you can karaoke and have more of a private scene.

I’ve been booked before and this is what usually happens: You are in search for your friends and a waiter suddenly grabs your hand/arm and whisks you away to an adjourning table or private room. You get introduced to everyone in the room (usually a roomful of guys celebrating a birthday party or bachelor party) and take a shot of alcohol. You start small-talking with one or two and usually 2 things happen: You make a beeline for the exit or you actually find interest in one of them. One nights stands are a cinch in these clubs. I will play devil’s advocate and say that relationships are as well. Even when I was single, and when a waiter would grab my arm, I would politely tell him no because I didn’t like feeling like a piece of meat. Some waiters don’t care what the girls say and will keep pulling at your arm. That’s when I’m no longer nice and just snatch my arm away. Some girls like being escorted around. They’re there to meet men and have no problem going from table to table. Have any of you been to a Korean night club? What were your experiences or what are your thoughts?

Whatever the case, I am only going to dance the night away. We chose this club because it’s close to home and very cheap in comparison to Hollywood clubs. My fiance knows I’m going and trusts me enough to know that I won’t do anything stupid.

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of smashed avocado and cheese on a ketchup-slathered Boca patty. Yummy!
Jesus Christ on a pencil. So random. My brother went to a Catholic school. But still…
Early Mother’s Day gift my fiance got for my mom. The packaging is so adorable. She loves it! I love the smell as well. I want to take it from her! : P  Click on the picture for a link to the item on Sephora.com.


Steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Butter is key.
Spaghetti! I just eat plain noodles sometimes. I just love carbs!
Mickey and Minnie. I managed to snap this picture this morning. They’re so adorable! I love them to pieces. ❤

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