Another productive day

Hello hello. The weather has been all over the place. It’s cold and chilly with a dismal overcast one day and dark and stuffy the next. Oh well. Why am I complaining? I work from home! One of the many perks. : )
Today was another productive day at “work.” I finished up another small project and am aiming to start on another tomorrow. I just wish this translation software would work WITH me and not AGAINST me. I am only hoping for a smoother day tomorrow. *crossing fingers

I always keep forgetting my camera when I go out these days. But after I finished up my 8 hours of work yesterday, I went out around 5PM to meet my wedding invite designer. She is wonderful and her work is fantastic. I saw the first draft and after a few tweaks, I was in love. I just have to show Paul and see if he agrees with me. : )  I was planning on creating my invites online for a cheaper price but I am so glad I decided to hire someone.
After half an hour or so, I met up with one my bridesmaids for a quick pep talk. I thought I was stressed out but it’s nothing compared to her. She is juggling so many things at once; I really hope something let’s up. As they say, the grass always seems greener on the other side. After half an hour, I finally met my wonderful friend Sarah from junior high. We weren’t hungry so we just went over to a Koreatown pub and had a few appetizers with a bottle of soju. Yay for soju! : )  She is definitely one of those friends who you don’t see for awhile but still feel like you’re picking up from where you left off. ❤

My usual carrot, fuji apple, and ginger juice that I have every morning.
My lunch yesterday: Kale salad with a Boca patty. A medium-sized fuji apple on the side. So sweet!
Fresh macadamia nuts my mom cracked herself this weekend.
I picked this book up last year while I was waiting in line at a Marshall's for $4.99. Surprisingly, one of my best book buys! I know this book is for kids/teenagers but I loved this book. Who doesn't like a quest? Click on the image if you want more info on the book. : )
Not a great picture because I was starving but my lunch: My open-faced Boca patty with cheese, romaine, and ketchup on flaxseed bread.

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