Recap of the weekend

Oh man. I went all out on Saturday. Sunday not so much because I was nursing my hangover. : P  On Saturday, I went out with my close girlfriends to Koreatown and drank a copious amount of soju. We ended up going to another friend’s birthday party and hitting two karaoke joints. I started the night at 9PM and ended up coming home at 3AM. I put in a solid amount of play hours for the next few weeks. : )  I keep hearing comments that I look like a Japanese anime character. I don’t see it.

Spicy Korean chicken dish that my mom made for dinner last Friday (닭도리 탕). I had some carrots, onions, and sauce with white rice. So spicy and good!
My cheese & smashed avocado on flaxseed wheat bread. It was the perfect hangover breakfast. : )
My lunch of avocados, crumbled boca patty and kale salad with ketchup. I love it. Just had it for lunch again today.
Dinner last night. My dad loves his soju too. He and I both agree that 참이슬 Original is our favorite. I must get it from him : P
Our little dachshunds waiting for food. As always.
It's my dad's day off today and he requested some ramen for lunch.
Dropped in an egg for protein.
Can't forget the kimchi. My mom made this batch last week and it's sooooo good. I like my kimchi a bit more raw versus fermented.

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