Busy busy bee. BzZzZzzZz..

For dinner last night, my friend and I shared some spicy Korean rice cakes (떡뽁기) with Korean kim bab (김밥 마리). It was good but I wasn’t entirely hungry for some reason.



It’s only 2:30PM and I feel as if I’ve been all over the South Bay! Woke up around 8:30AM and had a nice glass of juice – 3 organic carrots, 1 medium fuji apple, and a slice of ginger. Also had a nice fat apple for a snack. Went to the bank, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Petco, Home Goods, and Costco with my mama all under 2 hours! We were quite the busy bodies. Then we stopped by In ‘N Out before the crazy lunch line hit.



My veggie burger. I must say that it just wasn’t the same. : (


We found these huge “utensils” at Home Goods. I want them for no reason!


My life mantra: Live simply but fulfilled. ❤

For tonight, I made some plans with one of my bridesmaids. I love this girl to death! : )


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