My first boyfriend of 3 years was the perfect definition of a stoner. He would smoke more than 3 times a day. He would smoke by himself, smoke while I’m there, and of course, smoke with his stoner friends. We would have fights constantly because he just didn’t give a crap about anything. He would have mood swings and berate me out of nowhere over the phone. The lowest thing he did? We were having dinner and I asked if he can pay for this one (I always paid for everything since he never seemed to have money). He said he was out of cash but he additionally ordered a to-go dish for his friend who wanted what we were having. That wasn’t the low part. We go to drop off the food for his friend and guess what my ex does? He pays his friend $40 for the weed he owed him. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was blown away. No pun intended. I stayed with him as long as I did because I thought I could change him. I know. You can never change a man or anyone unless they genuinely want to.

Who cares about 420? It’s not like ya’ll stoners don’t smoke it everyday anyway. And it’s not a legalized get-out-of-jail card day to smoke the entire day either. So what’s the big hoopla about?

Anyways, back to my day yesterday. I just stayed home as usual and worked for most of the day. It’s strange how the day seems to zip on by while you’re working at home. The time always seemed to go sooooo slowly in the office. I managed to eat very healthy yesterday without feeling like I was “dieting.” I dropped a pound so I guess it’s working. : )

My lunch: Kale salad with acorn jelly and lemon pepper chick'n tenders.
My dinner: Kale salad with raw mushrooms, acorn jelly, and a cut up Boca burger. Pretty tasty. Got me stuffed!


The dinner my mom made. Marinated black soba noodles, cucumbers, & herbs (갯잎) stuffed in a tasty fried tofu pouch. I had some for a snack today. : )


And for the rest of my night? I’m going to meet up with my old friend from junior high and enjoy a relaxing dinner while catching up. I can’t wait! : )  Have a great Friday!

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