It’s already Thursday?!

The only thing I have done this week is to go to another dermatologist for a 2nd opinion and a brief chat with my maid of honor. The dermatologist took one look at me and said, “I wish you came to me sooner.”  What my previous old cranky Korean dermatologist didn’t tell me is that I have very inflammatory skin. I have sensitive AND oily skin which is made worse by my eczema. She said living in the humid Caribbean climate didn’t help me much either. Actually, it’s the worst thing that I could have done for my skin. Oh, joy. She also told me to stop using my expensive purchase of Mineral Veil products. Very annoying since I just bought it a week ago for $60. The primer was a splurge too. Sigh. You live and you learn. I just gave them to my mom since she has the good skin that I obviously didn’t inherit. : (

Besides that, I have just been steadily working at home. Work has been a complete nightmare. The connection is extremely slow and we’re having some major hiccups with our translation software. I must learn to manage my stress level. After venting to one of my good friends, she said, “Your problem is that you’re a perfectionist and YOU DON’T KNOW IT.” That brought some semblance back into reality. It must be true because my maid of honor agreed. Hmmmm.

I must have been eating quite a bit because I gained 2 pounds! Must rein it back in and eat more mindfully. And to do so, I used my mom’s Jack Lalanne to juice 4 organic carrots, 2 fuji apples, and a bit of ginger for breakfast this morning. The ginger gives it a wonderful kick.

ImageHere are some pictures I took the past few days. Enjoy!

Vegetarian bowl with guacamole @ Chipotle. It was a bit too salty for me. I puffed up the next day.
Hamburger steak steamed with grilled onions and mushrooms.
My mom made me a Boca version with grilled onions, raw mushrooms, and bell peppers.
My breakfast from yesterday: 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1.5 cups of water, 1/2 a large banana, 1 tbsp of strawberry preserve, and 3-4 walnuts toasted in the microwave.
My vegetarian grocery haul yesterday.
I can't wait to eat this for lunch today. The cashier said it was really good. I got it because it reminds me of Veggie Grill's All Hail Kale salad. : )
I've heard a lot of people rave about this. I hope it's good.


Last night's dinner: Traditional Korean dish - Bi bim Bap (비빔 밥). I read somewhere that Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of this dish. It usually comprises of rice, a plethora of Korean prepared veggies, spicy & sweet Korean paste (고추장) and sesame oil.
Korean side dish: Acorn with cucumbers. One of my favorites!

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