As I mentioned, I have not been feeling well for the past week. It got exacerbated yesterday when I went in for my wedding hair + make-up trial appointment. On top of my horrible acne and other internal issues, I found out yesterday that my hair has been thinning. Clumps have been falling out since last year. I attribute it to the wedding planning. It doesn’t help that my wedding make-up artist thinks I have very lopsided eyes, eyebrows, and jaw. She suggested that I get Botox in my jaw muscles. She says it will slim down my already square and unflattering jawline.

Everything just hit me all at once when I got home. While I was Skyping my fiance, I just broke down and started bawling for an hour. All that crying didn’t help my self-esteem either the next day. My face was very swollen & puffy. My eyes were non-existent.

I’m already stressed about work, wedding planning, and trying to balance out my time while I’m home. I know she was just doing her job. But it didn’t feel so good hearing her confirm the flaws that I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I just want to burrow away in a hole.

Am I being over-dramatic? : (


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