7 days since I’ve been back home.

It’s already been a week? This time last week I was sitting in a plane reading the last book from the Hunger Games. I realized that I work more when I’m working away from the office. The laptop is always there – beckoning me to finish one last sentence, one last umpteenth file. I have 2 last project files that has 5,000 words to translate at the moment. I told my boss I will be handing them over by tomorrow morning so —– I guess I will be stroking the midnight fire. That is the correct phrase, right? : P

I ate a plethora of mini veggie egg rolls and 2 slices of bread with almond & peanut butter for breakfast. Almond butter won the taste test for today. A far cry from my fruit smoothie, huh? Nibbled on more egg rolls throughout the day while snacking on some yummy ginger chews. I found these at Whole Foods and I love them! I’ve always been a fan of ginger but these are delightfully scrumptious.


It was past 2PM and I realized 2 things: I didn’t have a proper meal yet and I had been on my butt the entire day! I decided to go for a run at my rec center for half an hour and then went for another run around my neighborhood with Mickey, my almost-5-year-old dachshund. I was starving by the time I was done (around 4PM) so my brother and I set off for Veggie Grill again. I wanted to try out the Green Temple in Redondo Beach but realized the timing was off. I’ll go there with my mom and my brother this weekend. : ) I can safely call this my early dinner. I’m still stuffed!

The nachos were amazing! My brother and I both agreed that it tasted just like our once-beloved Taco Bell nachos. We probably didn't need to order the sweetheart fires.... : P


Chipotle burger. My brother was sort of turned off by the look of it. He says he prefers the chick'n better. I had a bite and thought it was pretty tasty though.
Stuck to my All Hail Kale salad with blackened chick'n again. So good! Although, there's 30% still leftover in my to-go box. The nachos filled me up nicely. : P

By no means is my brother a vegetarian, but he truly loves this place. He wants to try out their entire menu! And I don’t blame him. We’re going to try the Buffalo chick’n, All-American Stack burger and the carrot cake next time.

And I got a wonderful package in the mail today: My Hautelook delivery of Amir Argon Oil beauty supplies. I ordered the shampoo & conditioner (not shown) and the lotions. Smells so good and I love how the lotions aren’t thick and goopy. They’re nice and watery – absorbs right into your skin. Perfect!


Has anyone tried Lioele's acne patches? I bought it after going through some YouTube reviews. Personally, it was a waste of money. Maybe these medicated patches can't combat my very assertive acne. How sad. : (
And look what I found? Pika pi! : )*

Have a restful night everyone. I’m not – might as well you guys. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow. I’ll explain tomorrow! Note*: Wedding tag coming up. : )


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