Sweet April

I can’t believe it’s April already. It seems like the day-to-day grind never seems to end but here I am at another day’s end. I’m better at it than before but I still have to learn how to appreciate each and every blessed day. I will not be young forever. My crest of attractiveness will eventually fall, material items will come and go in a heartbeat, and friends, bad and good, will weave in and out of my life. What will never fail is my love and devotion for my family. What will never fail is my persistence to be a better me. I may slip and slide, end up at a cul-de-sac but I will never give up on myself. I was taught better. : )

I have these moments. I am glad I do. Randomly, I will find myself catching myself. Re-assessing my choices in the recent weeks and see how I can be at my best. What’s my New Year resolution every year? I wish for happiness. Not because I’m not happy but because that’s what I strive for. Nothing in life is free. I work for it. What’s my goal in life? I wish to be a good person. Hell, I’m not even striving for great, exceeding expectations, or nearly perfect. Just a good person who is happy with the simple things in life. But let me tell you, I’m closer at it than I was last year. : )

Enough of my spiel. My weekend was spent eating and lounging about in bed. Saying that Paul and I barely moved is an understatement. We stayed in bed and watched countless hours of The Wire. This has to be one of THE best shows I have ever seen. It’s real and gets down to the nitty-gritty. I highly recommend this show.


Sunday breakfast: Starbucks Grilled Parmesan and Chicken wrap with a Blueberry crumble muffin. So good!
Baby carrots with Sabra's Pine Nut Hummus
Toasted pitas & MORE hummus
My dinner of Eden's Organic Moroccan Rice & Garbanzo beans with extra-firm tofu and mixed veggies. Bland but still good.
Paul's dinner: Denny's club sandwiches & seasoned fries. I ate too many of the fries..... : (

As for today, work was INSANE. I am crossing my fingers and hoping I can finish up my project by Wednesday afternoon. I estimating that I might just make it. Wish me luck! : )

Morning oatmeal of banana, strawberry jam, organic no-stir peanut butter, and some crumbled Starbucks Banana & Walnut muffin on top. Best one yet! Can't wait to eat it again.
Toasted PB&J. I love peanut butter. MmMmmm
Chicken with sweet bell peppers & onions.

I actually can’t wait for tomorrow. I want to get to work and finish my project!!! : P

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