Chill day

My skin has been out of control since last November. I have them all over my face save my nose and upper lip. They are either small and itchy or big and painful. I went to a dermatologist in the States in January and he gave me a cortisone shot on my butt, 2 antibiotics, and 2 useless creams. $210 down the drain since I don’t have insurance. He did tell me to come back in 3 weeks if it didn’t clear up – of course, I couldn’t do that since I had to leave in a few days time.
I suffered from acne as a teenager and then it cleared up when I was in high school. I had horrible cystic acne in college and now all of a sudden, I’m getting horrible acne spreading across my face. My confidence and self-esteem would be worse if it wasn’t for my fiance. He still loves me. He says he loves his pimply girl. >: (
I believe it’s hormonal and it’s causing an all-out Hail Mary scrimmage on my face. I feel horrible everyday but what can I do but suck it up. I’ve been through worse. This is trivial and merely an annoyance on my vanity. I’ll be in LA soon and I’ll make sure to get it cleared up ONCE AND FOR ALL. : )

Today’s weather was awesome in the Caribbean. I woke up, got in my cardio, and headed off to lunch with Mr. Sleepyhead. It took us over 45 minutes to get our food. Mind you, it was a soup, salad, and a sandwich. You don’t have to cook anything. You just prepare them. I’m pretty much a bitch if you’re incompetent and no use to society. It’s a dog eat dog world. Get on it.

Paul's frothy cappuccino.
Meat soup. So tender, flavorful, and DELICIOUS. Too bad I can't eat this now. : (
My usual medium-sized Caprese salad.
Paul's California sandwich.
Guess what? : P I managed to grab the last copies at the bookstore. Score!

My co-worker and I attended a wedding exposition so I can get some new ideas for my wedding. We were utterly disappointed. Every guest was told to sit and listen to 6-10 vendors speak. They weren’t speaking in English, it was dull, and my butt was numb from non-movement. We left during the break and got ourselves some beer! We had a much lovelier time. : )

We weren't even allowed to eat them! And yes, they were real. They were only meant for display. Isn't that just ridiculous? They got hordes of people gawking at them and/or circling this area.


We escaped! : P



Have a great night! : )


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