I am as happy as a clam.

I think I feel this way every week but I can say it every week – I love Fridays! I usually have a nice pep in my step & am cheerier than normal. It always feels like a 3 day weekend to me. I can lounge around at night, eat whatever I want, and sleep past 1AM!  That’s late for me. : P  I was probably happier because I’ll be leaving for LA next Thursday. I can’t wait to be back in civilization! : )

My usual bananas, strawberry jam, almond butter, and unsulphured cherries. I love this simple and easy meal!
As usual, Paul was still sleeping when I came home for lunch. So I just whipped him up some quick sandwiches. One is cheese, turkey bacon, ham, egg, and a drizzle of sesame oil. The other has the same but swapped the ham for turkey and sesame oil for strawberry jam.

 Nothing new to report other than our weekly night out. After hitting the gym, Paul and I went to a delicious Japanese restaurant called Matsuris. There are other Japanese restaurants here but we prefer Matsuris because it leans more towards authentic Japanese food. They primarily serve rolls & sashimi in lieu of teriyaki chicken dishes and noodle dishes.

Shrimp Tempura with some mayonnaise concoction, sweet & spicy sauce, and a teriyaki sauce.
Neptuno Salad. So good!
Vegetarian roll, Spicy Crunch roll, and the Crazy roll.
Close up. My vegetarian roll was amazing!

While we ate, we briefly went over our plans for moving back to LA next year. Whether we should get an apartment or a condo, how much we should put in our retirement and our children’s college funds. Ultimately, we work as a couple because we share the same lifestyle: Be fulfilled but simply. We both never understood the big hoopla about new savvy toys. We don’t care for the iPhone, Wii, Apps this Apps that, iPad, etc. Once we move back to LA, we will invest in a nice expensive bed and a big TV. Everything else, we’re planning on buying for cheap at IKEA until we move into a nicer place. I love how he thinks of all these things. I love how he always tries to make things better so I don’t have to worry. I love how he thinks about me even when I think he’s not. : )
I am lucky to call him mine. ❤

Here are some amazing paintings. Forgive me but I have no idea who these are by. Enjoy!

I absolutely love this. It may seem like someone threw up paint over a nice painting but I see something else. Weirdly, I see myself in this. I try to live my life by staying within the lines and playing nice. But sometimes, a girl just can't help but let her true colors peek through. : )
I love the use of lines and depth in this piece. I adore the paper airplanes on the floor. There's a touch of home in this.

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