It’s OK to Disappoint People



Here’s a great Huffington Post article about many of us, myself included, who will bend over backwards to not disappoint others.

“As I’ve been looking at this more deeply, I’m amazed by how much stress, fear and worry I experience in my attempts to avoid the disappointment of those around me — family, friends, clients and others. At the same time, I can see that much of this comes from my own deeper fear of being disappointed and let down. The irony, of course, is that no matter how hard I try to avoid disappointing others or being disappointed myself, it happens anyway.” – Mike Robbins

In most cases, whatever I was feeling would be quashed and would be replaced with the horrible feeling of disappointing someone. For example, my wedding guest list. We are having a small and intimate wedding of 90 guests, so excluding family, I will only be able to invite a good 20-25 friends. I find it SO ANNOYING that people that I am barely friends with blatantly ask, “I can’t wait to be at your wedding! I AM invited, RIGHT?” I am already flustered and up to my ears of having to cut some good friends and now I have to deal with people with no sense. I don’t know about you guys but things like this, really stress me out. I hate disappointing people and if I could, I would invite everyone I knew since grade school. My first wedding guest list was for 150 people – and that was just on my side! Let’s just say, my fiance brought me back down to reality real fast. : P

I keep telling myself that this is MY wedding and those not invited will understand. Eek. But I’m a worrywart. I’m good at that. : (


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