Hello jello.

Work was just as productive as yesterday. My software support technician was able to help me out of a big jam. You can’t imagine how relieved I was! Big load off of my shoulders. Too bad I won’t be finished with my project by this Friday. Quite the bummer. I don’t like coming up short and not meeting expectations. : (  I’ll just hope for the best and grind it out before I leave for L.A. next week. I can’t wait to see my family, our 5 year old dachshund Mickey and our newest addition to the family, Minnie the 10 week old dachshund. Yes, I know. Mickey and Minnie. And yes, I came up with the idea. : )

Isn't Mickey so handsome? : )
Minnie when she was 8 weeks old. My mom made her a shirt from a wool sock.

I will still be working remotely so it’s not all fun and games. I’ll be missing my fiance since he won’t be coming with me. We have been through long distance before so hopefully, it won’t be so difficult this time around. I’ll be catching up with my wedding planner, paying deposits, meeting up with my bridesmaids, and eating a lot of good food! Hopefully, we’ll be able to grab that coffee, Miss Bonnified! Thank you again for your help! : )))

Today, I started my day off with my usual breakfast fruit smoothie, granny smith apple, and saltines. I’m trying to not eat so many saltines but I can’t seem to stop. I must finish those off tomorrow so I won’t be tempted to eat them on Thursday. : P  For lunch, I had my oatmeal with almond butter, strawberry jam, bananas, and unsulphured cherries. Warm and comforting to my stomach. Paul had 2 bacon, egg-white, cheese, and ham sandwiches on toasted bread with some sour cream & onion chips. I am obviously extremely jealous of his metabolism. His BMR is probably the same as mine AFTER I work out for 2 hours. Hmph.  : “(


After work, we picked up our laundry at the wasserette, went grocery shopping, and worked out for a good 50 minutes. I always go to the gym around a certain time when The Closer and Law & Order is on. How much luckier can I get? Happiness does not elude us. Happiness is finding joy in the smallest of things. : )
While I munched on carrots, pita+hummus, and a big bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheats with almond milk, Paul made himself this delicious chicken concoction with a side of toasted pita & hummus. The chicken marinade was from what my co-worker gave to me yesterday. Paul devoured his dish, naturally. I’m going to attempt at using that marinade in some rice dish so I can try it for myself. : )

The chicken wasn't burned. We forgot to clean the pan after the first time we cooked the chicken. : P

I purchased some cute boots from Hautelook for my mom and they arrived a week early! I’m going to Skype her and see how they fit. Have a great night everyone!


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