What a day!

Today had to be one of my most nerve-wrecking days at work. Time was flying by too quickly and I still wasn’t even 1/8th done with my workload. My brain was fried.
This is when I crave a cigarette. I quit over 2 years ago but the dormant nicotine addict in me rears its’ ugly head from time to time. It usually happens when I’m extremely stressed and I need something to ease the strain. After I quit smoking, guess what my next vice was? CHOCOLATE! I became a chocolate fiend. There were many times when I would only consume cupfuls of black coffee and a whole bag of Hershey’s kisses. I was out of control. After a year and a half as a chocoholic, I finally stopped the vicious cycle 2 weeks ago. I realized I was very lactose intolerant and chocolate was probably not helping my troublesome acne or my stomachaches. When I got that itch for a cigarette today, I chugged a lot of water and stretched for a good minute. My cravings have been dormant for awhile but it’s coming back ever so slowly… MUST STAY STRONG DAMNIT! ….  : )

As for today, I had my usual 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup vanilla flavored almond milk, and half a banana smoothie. I love how it keeps me full and satiated. I paired it with a medium-sized granny smith apple and a handful of unsalted saltines. Have you guys seen that tag on YouTube where you have to eat 5 pieces of saltines in under a minute? I honestly think I can beat that. My saliva production seems to be working overtime. And for lunch, I had my bowl of rolled oats with almond butter and a new Vikos apricot+almond spread. Delicious and filling. I love my weekday routine.

Oh! And my lovely co-worker surprised me with a yummy chicken marinade and some spice concoction. I’m always grilling her for recipes and pointers so she gave me some basic pointers and these seasonings. She’s so sweet to me. I love her. She’s my island friend/sister/mama. : )


After work, I put in a good hour of running + elliptical at the gym. I always feel fantastic after I finish. Even the first 15 minutes weren’t so bad = Law and Order was on. : )  And for tonight’s dinner? I made myself a healthy tofu & veggie stir fry while I cooked up some yummy Korean Miso Tofu Stew (된장 찌개) for Paul. Of course it’s never as good as my grandma’s but it will do while I’m on this microscopic island. It reminded me of home. : )



Now I’m enjoying my organic Rice Dream Cocoa Marble Fudge ice cream and a handful of Kashi’s Honey Almond Flax cereal. So good! What a great way to end the night. Thank you for reading. Good night.


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