Books and its’ correlation with food.

Is it just me or do you guys have fond memories of food from your favorite childhood books?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Turkish Delight
Unfortunately, I still haven’t gone around to try them. I shall, will, MUST on my trip back to L.A.!

Harriet The Spy: Tomato sandwiches. Harriet is very adamant on only having tomatoes in her sandwiches. : )

Strega Nona: Magical never-ending pot of pasta! A carb lover’s dream.

Little Women: Toast and jam with tea during their Pickwick meetings and their generous Christmas morning feast. The picture’s only missing Amy’s precious orange. I love this book and the 1994 movie adaptation! I must have watched it more than 50 times as a child and just last year. This is when my love for Christian Bale and the Victorian era was born.

I’ll add more as I remember them. What are yours? : )


6 thoughts on “Books and its’ correlation with food.”

  1. The first book in the Boxcar Children series!! I loved reading about how they made do while literally living in a boxcar.

    I also loved “Naya Nuki”. I used to beg my mom to buy beef jerky by the tub and granola so that I could pretend I, too, killed a buffalo and was eating the meat I dried myself.



  2. BTW, I love all your food picks!! I remember all of them….and wanting to eat them…

    And who can forget AMELIA BEDELIA!! I’ve always wished they posted her recipes. ^_^

    ….I’m so hungry now….


    1. Thanks! I loved Amelia Bedelia too! She’s such a silly goose. If I ever come across any of her “recipes” online, I’ll make sure to post them for you. : )


  3. Ooh yes! I used to read books just for the food, especially loved British books for that. Enid Blyton was my favorite. I also did love Babysitters Club; loved learning about the “american” snacks that Claudia would dish out during meetings.


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