My Saturday round-up

Good morning! I only had 20 more pages of The Hunger Games to read but alas, my eyes weren’t obeying me any longer. I knocked out around 2AM. It was a pretty good read but since it is Young Adult literature, I was able to pick up on most of the obvious foreshadowing.

After we checked in, I did some reading, checked out their awesome infinity pool, and had some yummy room service. The king size bed was FANTASTIC. I didn’t, I mean I wouldn’t get out of that bad. We requested some fluffy pillows and I just wanted to sink in and never get out. When Paul and I move back to LA, we are definitely splurging on an expensive mattress. : )
I woke up around 9AM so I sauntered around and found a nice gym. I did some light cardio and now I am here waiting for my sleepyhead to wake up and join the rest of us. It’s a glorious day in the Caribbean!

The Renaissance Hotel lobby.



I soaked in that tub for 2 hours reading The Hunger Games. I had daily bubble baths back at home. Sadly, our apartment here doesn't have one. I miss my baths dearly. 

Lounging at the Infinity pool. Isn't it amazing? You can clearly see three distinguishable sets of blue. Picturesque. 

Oh wow, I didn't realize that my cup of El Presidente lined up perfectly with the horizon. Score! : ) Enjoying my cup of brew with some green grapes I brought from home.
Our indulgent 3-cheese stuffed quesadilla with fries and condiments. TMI: I might have overdone my cheese/dairy intake for the day. I usually eat cheese at one meal, once a week. I had to rush to the bathroom right after this. : (
Their version of a key lime pie. It had the consistency of jello. Not so good. 

Now we’re off for new adventures. Have a great day everyone! : )


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