‘Twas a great night!

Dinner was amazing! Great company and fantastic Indian food – how can you go wrong? One of the greatest things about our company? The diversity. We are like the Colors of Benetton. Just in our department alone, we have employees from London, Kenya, Italy, USA, Curacao, Antigua, Canada, and Greece. Isn’t it amazing? : )

I was able to nurse this beer for the entire evening. I was interchangeably, sipping a tall glass of water. I finally learned how to drink smart! : P

I ordered the Allo Mattar – fresh peas cooked in a sauce with potatoes. It was spicy and went perfectly with my bowl of white rice.


The rest of the group ordered the Tandoori chicken, Chicken Tikki Masala, Butter Chicken, Keema/Lamb Mattar, Grilled tiger prawns, vegetable samosas, and plenty of naan to go around. Thank goodness none of them made too big of a scene over my vegetarianism. No one really knew because I never felt the need to clear the air and announce that, “I am a vegetarian.”

Everyone loved the Tandoori chicken. To me, I think this chicken died in the most cruelest fashion. It looks as though its’ appendages were twisted off. : (

ImageThe grilled Tiger prawns. I was never a fan of crustaceans so I wasn’t missing out. My Entomology professor once pointed out that crustaceans were the cockroaches of the sea. Gross. I hate bugs so why would I eat something that resembles one?! Random fact: I have a slight phobia of many holes clustered together. I believe it’s called Trypophobia. I’m steering clear of all flowers that resemble clusters of holes in my wedding. It makes me incredibly squeamish.


And then I couldn’t resist but have an unmeasured serving of Kashi’s Heart to Heart. I wouldn’t mind eating cereal at all my meals. I am obsessed! Actual hearts. : )


Some of the team went to Round 2 but I chose to opt out. I plan on waking up sans a splitting headache and without an unquenchable urge to eat all fatty foods in sight. Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful night! : )


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