I love Fridays because it’s the end of the work week. I love Fridays because I can look forward to Saturday. I love Fridays because… IT’S FRIDAY! It feels just as wonderful now as it did when I was 9, 14, 17, 22, … you catch my drift. Usually, I enjoy a nice quiet night at home. I am over the phase of going out all the time and drinking/partying. I watch some re-runs, catch up on some fun make-up tutorials, and roll around the bed knowing that Saturday will soon be upon me. It’s the small things; the small indulgences that make me happy.

This Huffington Post article, The Regrets of the Young caught my eye yesterday. The top 5 regrets of the young are:
1. I wish I was doing something useful.
2. I wish I didn’t waste so much time earlier in life.
3. I wish I had traveled more.
4. I wish I was physically fit.
5. I wish I learned to live in the moment.

I can relate to all of the above because I was in that boat up until last year. I graduated college in 2007 and lily-pad hopped my way from one corporate job to another. I was looking for my niche, looking for a challenge, looking for more pay, … looking to see where I fit in. I can see now that my attempts were futile because there is no perfect job. There will always be something about the job that will grind your gears:  a supervisor that just doesn’t get you, co-workers that are more like frenemies, too much work/not enough work, promotions/raises disappointments, the commute, gas prices, and the list can be as grievous as it is long.
I was imbibing on too many happy hour drinks and food. I wasn’t working out. I was wasting my time on frivolous friends, things, and places. I was unhappy, broke, and disgruntled. I was going nowhere. I was on that path for 4 solid years. But now that I came out the other side, I don’t regret nary a one. Now that I look back, those were the learning obstacles I had to hurdle and grow from. I was elbows deep in a beautiful mess that I can now appreciate.  Is patience really a virtue or does it just come with age? A mix of both? : )

Random thought: I realize that I never actually ate a peep before. I know. Shameful. I will do so when I visit L.A. in 2 weeks! I am armed and ready with my list of bookmarked restaurants on Yelp! And ya’ll are coming with me for the ride.  Have a fantastic Friday! : )


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