Rise and shine!



Good morning! Rise and shine! : )
I have always been an early bird. I like getting up when the world is still half asleep. I enjoy watching the darkness slowly recede back into the depths and hear the gradual drum of civilization getting ready for another day. I am a lark whereas Paul is a most definite hooting owl. I go to sleep by 10:30-11:30 whereas Paul hits the hay at a reasonable 3:30-5AM. I suppose he can afford to since his shifts usually start around 7PM. We’re opposites in a lot of ways but very much in sync when it comes to our relationship, family, and what we want for ourselves in the long run.We keep each other on our toes. We bring out the best and of course the worst in each other. We are learning to compromise and are still newbies at the push and pull of a relationship. Wish us luck! ā™„

I am excited for dinner since I am eating out with my fellow departmental co-workers. Our Head of Affiliates is heading back home to London so we are having a jolly farewell dinner party at one of the best Indian restaurants on the island. This is embarrassingĀ but I’ve never had authentic Indian curry until I arrived here last year. I was always accustomed to the Japanese curry that you find in solid blocks in the supermarket. Boy, was I missing out! The flavors and spices are phenomenal and Indian food is becoming a fast favorite. I will make sure to post some pictures later on tonight. Until then, have a great day! : )

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