Love in its’ most simplest form.

During a flight to see my fiance, I leafed through a magazine and found this perfect expression of my love for Paul. I think I should mention this at our wedding. Isn't it darling? : )

8 thoughts on “Love in its’ most simplest form.”

  1. Oh man!! I hear with with the wedding changes. There is nothing on Earth that remotely comes close to planning a wedding.

    I personally feel like I’m qualified to run a small business after I planned my entire wedding. Do you feel that way too? 🙂


    1. We’re barely half way through and I am stressing out BIG time. I don’t know if it’s because of the wedding planning but I’ve been breaking out horribly. : (

      I just want to get this over with but I know I should savor every moment. My wedding planner has been fantastic so I’m just hoping for the best! : )

      By the way, did you hire an officiant? We don’t know anyone who can help us out so we’re having to hire one. $425 seems a bit steep, no?


      1. Hm….I was breakout like crazy too. You can see just HOW bad in this post –

        It was bad….and I was so sad….

        Wedding planning was a NIGHTMARE at times for me too and the only thoughts that made me feel better was knowing that I’m marrying the man I love and that THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT!!! Hang in there!!

        We did have an officiant. Actually, we got really lucky. My best friend was brave enough to be up there along with my coworker. He’s done about 13 weddings so far and he doesn’t charge the couple!! Are you guys getting married in California? I actually don’t know where you are!

        $425 does sound rather steep……..crazy steep…. 😦


        1. Oh man. Mine is actually worse. I have tiny bumps everywhere. I think I’m having a huge hormonal upset. I even missed my period last month for no apparent reason. The doctor said it was stress. : (
          Did Clinical’s Pro Heal Advance+ serum really work for you? I was thinking of just heading to my dermatologist. But it’s so expensive since I don’t have insurance in the States.
          I’m originally from Los Angeles and having my wedding in Toluca Lake. I need a cheap officiant!!! It’s driving me up the wall. Would it be weird if I ask who your best friend is? I need options and reverends from Orange County sure do like to get paid! : P


          1. iS Clinical worked well for me. I have really bad cystic acne. Those pictures really are of my face. Actually, this whole line works well for me. It is pricey but I figure it IS my FACE. This stuff goes a long way! I still have the bottle I bought from before I wrote that entry. I only use it when I have crazy eruptions, when I feel the small bumpy pimples coming on or when I feel like I’m about to break out. 🙂

            I’m going to be posting about all the skin care stuff I use in another post soon.

            As for my officiants, do you want me to ask mine? My best friend didn’t technically get ordained but my friend is. He’s the one that’s done like….13 weddings. Would you like me to ask him?


            1. Yes please! You would be a dream come true! If you don’t mind, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee or something once I’m back in LA in April. I’m not a creep! I swear! I’m just so excited! : )))))
              Can you give me some details about your friend who is an officiant? THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤

              I had cystic acne before too. I wanted to die from embarrassment. I'm anticipating your skin post! : )


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