Hello world!

As my first post, I would like to explain that I have no idea what this blog is going to be about.
– I am getting married in October so perhaps my posts will be littered with wedding planning for the next 7 months?
– I am also trying to be more healthy and tone up not just for my wedding but a lifestyle change – perhaps, some weight loss posts?
– I am currently residing in a mosquito-infested Caribbean island for work & love. Some posts of my travels and yummy foodums? Pinch of this and that, I imagine.

I chose lisa laughs as my name because to me, it radiates positivity. I wish to be happy in the moment. I don’t regress and wish for the happiness that eluded me in the past nor do I ardently long for the happiness that can possibly greet me tomorrow. I wish to live in the moment and find happiness and meaning at every turn. I think I am a genuine individual and I just try to be a good human being. I am not implying that I am perfect because let me tell you – I am no close to it than I was yesterday. But when collectively compared to the years past? I think I am on the right track. : )  As an optimist, I try to see the good in people. I attempt to see the lighter and brighter side of things. It can be a struggle when life throws you a mean curveball here and there but where would the fun be without it, right? No more regrets here. Only growth and happy thoughts. : )

For today, I will post some pictures of the island that I currently call home. A high five to those that can guess where I am! Enjoy and good night.


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